Customer Retention Program

With all the service options available, your customers may need a nudge to stay loyal. MarketPro3 Retention Program identifies customers at the falling off stage. They’re contacted with a message related to vehicle maintenance status and a loyalty discount redeemable at your dealership. MarketPro3 Retention Program offers the flexibility to choose market segments based on your preferences or follow our tried and true recommendations.

“More customers and better performance in the service drive.”

Targets customers from date of sale and last service visit

Special offers for New and or Used Sales Customers

Loyalty discounts for future visits

Thank You emails and Customer Surveys to stay on top of customer satisfaction


Improve your retention levels by:

  • Adjusting to differing standards and retention requirements
  • Targeting specific customers
  • Proven three-point marketing approach uses traditional mail, email campaigns
  • and website marketing