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Digital Marketing Trends in Automotive

With the year 2020 serving up a pandemic, the automotive sector stepped up its digital game. Dealerships were all challenged to enhance the customer experience for car buying and servicing. All this while keeping their customers and employees safe and healthy.

Digital innovation met many of the challenges and has improved the experience for many car dealerships. Artificial intelligence is reinventing the way many companies do business, and it is no different for the auto industry.

Digital Marketing Trends in Automotive

A Whole New Way to Shop

Online searches are becoming more and more like an in-person dealership experience. Things like voice search and augmented reality (AR) have taken center stage. They’ve made their way into the car buyer’s array of online options when shopping for cars.

Vroom has a virtual reality showroom allowing customers to view car models from the comfort of their homes. Users wear an HTC Vive to explore and test drive the vehicles before buying. With all of these options available to their customer base, dealerships must use enhanced digital marketing strategies to reach new customers.

Trends Leading Up to 2020

Other automotive marketing trends cover a multitude of digital marketing tools. Some of these tools are social media platforms, emails, texting, and online ads. Traditional marketing campaigns are still a great option, but dealers must be aware of the digital trends and tools needed to attract customers. These have all been tested over the years and proven effective in attracting customers to the automotive industry.

Weathering the Pandemic

These marketing methods thrived during the pandemic, and in most cases, it is a less expensive way to reach the consumer. These are less expensive than phone calls, television ads, print ads, and even a radio commercial. And most importantly, you’re able to reach a very targeted audience.

Newer Marketing Trends

There are newer forms of identifying clients for digital advertising purposes. Geofencing is a way to identify people using GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary. It enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

Dealerships use antennas placed in front of the business. The dealership can pay for an ad to pop up while a potential customer in the area plays blackjack on their computer. There are also other apps out there that allow geofencing pop-up ads.

Pay-per-click is also a newer form of advertising. An individual will type a designated keyword into a search engine, and a dealer’s ad will pop up ahead of any specific website. This is a great way to land at the top of search engine results pages.

Trends That are Here to Stay

Although email user interfaces and tools continue to change and improve, email marketing will never fizzle out. Email is such an efficient means of communication, and people have become accustomed to using it as a primary tool for communication.

Social media is taking a big step forward in providing both company information and customer engagement. But this should not take the place of a website.

This stresses the importance of keeping up with all new options for your website. All the bells and whistles aren’t always necessary. But look out for any add-ons or plugins that will improve the customer experience.

We must assume the consumer is educated and conditioned when it comes to finding information. Therefore, the pay-per-click option of marketing should be here as long as people are browsing the internet.

Follow the Trends

Ture or False? Following trends will help you find the most effective way to market to the masses. Maybe. If you’re marketing to the masses. But a dealership should be targeting a select potential customer within a targeted area. Business owners often spend marketing dollars on the advertising they believe to be effective. Instead, dealers should look for proven trends that gain them access to the most targeted customer base possible.

In the digital world, potential customers will be looking for more video content, VR, and Augmented Reality. The closer the consumer can get to experiencing the real deal without leaving their home, the better.

Business 2 Community reports that Google Ads Smart Bidding will be a tool to utilize going forward. It enhances Google ad profitability by using machine learning and contextual signals to make smart recommendations.

Voice search is accurate and convenient. It will continue to grow as consumers and marketers find ways of interacting more organically.

Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Just when you think there couldn’t be any new ways to reach a customer, innovation comes knocking at the door.  Forbes says that 2021 will bring about several trends like live interactions with virtual events and experiences. 

Marketing Insider Group lists marketing trends that will be prominent in 2021. These trends take into consideration customer experience, employee engagement, and content visualization. They emphasize that marketing has moved beyond branding and advertising as marketers work together with other business entities to create outstanding customer experiences.

Social media will become a top channel for purchase rather than just discovery. Personal commerce will allow consumers to co-curate their experiences with brands. It reflects their preferences at any given moment while interacting with websites and social media.

Forbes points out that companies should be culling their social media channels. By doing so, they can prioritize the most mainstream social media channels and hone in on these platforms to increase targeted customer reach.

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