Are you a VENDOR or PARTNER?

Have your clients ever referred to you as their vendor? Makes you feel a bit taken aback as you feel you are worthy of a much better title? This is an issue that plagues most salespeople or account executives who utilize a consultative approach to gaining business.

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The term “vendor” has a negative connotation for those who feel they go above and beyond. They provide the best product and/or service for clients, so it’s sort of a double-edged sword. A salesperson promotes a product or service that customers need to grow their business.

But they also have a financial interest in making sure they purchase from them and not the competitor. It’s difficult to bridge the gap between selling something and being a consultant that provides much more than product knowledge.

Be more than a salesperson

Salespeople who work to provide a solid return for their clients, think of themselves as partners. If a business wants to be successful, they should seek out this type of salesperson and utilize their knowledge to gain even more insight into a specific industry.

It’s naïve to think of yourself as a partner if you only inform your clients about your products and services. A real partner provides clients with a wealth of knowledge about the industry. They keep them updated on their competition and their market, and they display exceptional customer service beyond the sale.

Go beyond the sale

A partner will not only provide clients with information, but they also develop an equal business stature with their customers. This type of relationship could take months or even years to build. It is a trusted working relationship that has many layers.

If you desire to be more than just a “vendor” to your customers, then you must spend time doing research.  You need product as well as industry knowledge to create that equal business stature.

Building the relationship

To build a lasting and impressive relationship, make sure you are attending industry functions locally as well as nationally. Learn about the competition. Gain knowledge about what makes them different than their competitors, and communicate effectively with your clients.

Vast knowledge about your product or service will make you a vital part of your client’s success. They will no longer consider you just a vendor.

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