A Simple Guide to Dealership Website Optimization for Service Departments

Do your eyes start to roll back in your head when a marketer sits across your desk and starts dropping phrases like search engine results pages, SEO, or content creation? The marketer might feel the same way if you were speaking car repair lingo.

We all tend to forget that not everyone knows the jargon we use in our daily professional lives. Website marketing vocabulary can sound intimidating, but ultimately, it’s all about creating the most straightforward and attractive path to get customers to your service drive. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the potential of your dealership’s website to increase service department traffic.

Understanding Website Content

Today’s car-selling world is about more than just showing off new cars online; it’s also about using your website to bring more people to the service center. If you’re a fixed operations leader at a dealership, you play a significant role in ensuring your website attracts customers to the service drive.


In an interview with Automotive News, April Simmons, corporate Internet and Marketing Director at Horne Auto Group in Gilbert, AZ, points out that most dealership “website traffic is actually for service.”  By using effective online strategies and creating compelling content, you can continue to attract people to your dealership’s website and convert them into service customers. 

Making Sure People Can Find You (SEO)

To get more people to see your website, it must appear when they search online. Using the right words and phrases on your website in a practice known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the odds it will appear near the top of search engine results. Consider what people might search for when they need car maintenance, and use those words on your site.

Creating Interesting Content

The content on your website should be valuable to your customers, including blog posts, articles, and videos that explain why car maintenance is essential and what services your dealership offers. Easily understood content gives customers the quick answers they’re seeking.

Sharing Special Deals

Everybody loves a good deal! You can convince more people to come in for service by showing special offers and discounts on your website. Be sure your website communicates discounts on oil changes or special deals for new customers.

Letting People Schedule Appointments Online

Nobody likes waiting on the phone to make an appointment. By letting people schedule service appointments online, you make it easier for them to choose your dealership. Customers can book their appointments with just a few clicks without calling anyone.

Sharing Customer Stories

People like to know they’re making a good choice when they pick a dealership. Sharing stories or case studies from happy customers on your website shows potential customers that your dealership is an excellent place to go for service. Ask satisfied customers if you can share their stories and post them on your site.

Showing That You’re Trustworthy

Customers want to know they’re in good hands when they bring their car in for service. You can show them you’re trustworthy by sharing any awards or certifications your dealership has received. These accolades tell customers that experts think your dealership is a good choice for car maintenance.

Making Sure Your Website Works on Phones

Most people use their phones to browse the internet these days. Make sure your website looks good and works well on phones and tablets, making it easy for people to find you no matter their device.

Talking to Customers Live

Some people like to talk to an actual person before they make an appointment. Adding a live chat feature to your website lets you talk to customers in real-time and answer any questions they have. This communication enhancement encourages more people to book appointments with your dealership.

Using Email to Stay in Touch

Email is a great way to keep in touch with customers and inform them about special deals. Collect email addresses from people who visit your website and send them regular updates about what’s happening at your dealership. Effective email marketing can help you get more repeat business and keep people returning.

Time for a Website Audit

Increased traffic for your dealership’s service drive is about using your website to show why you’re the best choice. Innovative online strategies and exciting content can convince more people to choose your dealership for their car maintenance and repair needs. Use the above points as a guide for a quick website audit to see where your dealership’s site might underserve your service department.

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