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Auto Dealership Website Design Tips

Car dealer website design can be a hard balance to strike. But along with social media, your website is one of your top forms of digital marketing. The main objective of a website is to convert. And conversion rates depend on a design focused on the user or the potential customer.

auto dealership website design


Elements of a Strong Website Design

Functionality is a priority when designing a website that should be distraction-free with easy-to-use navigation. Brand consistency is also important. Include the company’s typeface, brand identities such as color scheme, imagery, overall layout, and visual appearance. 

Less is more, so be sure there is enough breathing room between each element to prevent an overwhelming or frustrating experience for the user.

You’ll want to make sure your website is relevant to the user if you wish to keep them clicking through your site instead of away from it. Users need to see the “what’s in it for me” message immediately, and the design elements should spotlight this message rather than overshadow it.


User-Friendly Website

Websites offer users a test drive of your dealership from the comfort of their device. The customer experience often begins here.

Therefore, one of the most valuable elements of a good website is user-friendliness. You would not block your showroom entrance with a new car, yet so many do this with web design. Distracting elements should not be added to the site simply because they’re pretty.

The colors and fonts that you choose for your site affect readability. Fonts too small are going to make it hard for the user to see. Colors too bright will distract from the message.  Many people want to make their website unique, but you want to offer the customer a familiar experience. So keep it consistent with other websites.

There are a few mainstays to web design. For example, underlined blue text is commonly considered a link. This text style should be clickable, or it may appear as though your site doesn’t function properly.

Design Elements to Include

Design elements for a car dealership website will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Luxury brands are likely going to keep their content to a minimum and instead be design-oriented. They want their websites to look as sleek as possible and focus on the brand itself rather than specific vehicle features. This style of design requires content to step back and let the pictures do most of the talking.

Inversely, a mainstream manufacturer is going to focus more on features. These car dealerships should keep their design elements focused on the details of the car. Pricing is important, especially on budget cars.

No matter the manufacturer a dealer represents, they should include media such as videos featuring their vehicles and their sales and service team.

Balance Sales and Service

Car sales and car services are very different. So how do you balance these two areas of your dealership on your website? 

You must differentiate these two areas of your business by segmenting your website. Then create an easy flow of calls to action for the user to navigate the site. Use spacing here to keep either of these parts from competing with the other. If you pack all of the information into one page, your customer will likely read very little of it.

Getting to Service

A homepage is a great place for marketing service departments. Use a simple ad on your homepage to entice the customer to click through to the service page.

If a dealership wants equal focus on each of the sales and service departments, it can choose to split the homepage. Use this valuable landscape to send the message that a customer can purchase a vehicle from the dealership and that the same dealership can take care of future service needs.


After meeting all design elements, a dealership must ensure they have a responsive website that is easy to navigate no matter which device a user is on. A customer must be able to move from device to device and seamlessly know what to do.

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