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Over the last few years, the automotive service industry has adapted to some incredibly challenging times. While many of those challenges continue to linger, there are still new and exciting challenges to come. As we usher in an increase in electric vehicles (EVs) and an expansion of technology-driven service drives, dealership leaders are looking to their teams to embrace and thrive with the inevitable change. 


Cutting Edge Technicians

Training is the number one way to ensure your service drive stays ahead of the technological curve. Everyone on the team, no matter how seasoned or how green, should strive to be an expert on EV maintenance and repair and other digital platforms. Adding new technicians to your team with strong technological backgrounds will also have a positive impact. This is where Gen Z takes center stage.

A Kasasa article defines Generation Z as “the newest generation, born between 1997 and 2012,” or between 11 and 26 years old. Since the dawn of time, older generations have thumbed their noses at the “young whipper snappers” and carried on about how much better things were “back in their day.” This judgmental stance prevents us from facing the truth that no matter the industry, we as a society need Gen Z, and the automotive industry is no different.

What Does Gen Z Bring to the Service Drive?

Any time you welcome the next generation, you also welcome their fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. Most of these valuable individuals were raised with computers in their hands. Technology has evolved at an accelerated rate in their short lives, so they are not typically intimidated by new digital platforms. 

Gen Z also sees the world differently than older generations. While some of their predecessors are limited to thinking up primarily manual solutions, Gen Z knows there is a quicker, easier digital solution out there. Being open to these suggestions will keep service departments at the cutting edge of technology, where customers expect them to be.

Integrating Gen Z technicians into automotive service departments should align with their distinctive characteristics. According to Indeed, an online job-seeking site, business leaders can leverage Gen Z’s entrepreneurial mindset and business savvy to innovate within the department. Their intolerance for authoritarian environments underscores the importance of respectful and supportive management. Flexibility is vital to accommodate their aspirations for work-life balance and stability, while their competitive nature and desire for recognition align with clear performance expectations and avenues for advancement.

Gen Z Technicians and EVs: A Match Made in Automotive Heaven

Gen Z’s influence on the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) within dealership service departments will be pivotal. As digital natives, these young technicians are well-equipped to embrace the intricate systems of EVs, bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and automotive maintenance. This generation’s adaptability, combined with their eagerness to contribute to environmentally conscious shifts, positions them as the driving force behind the seamless integration of EVs into dealership service.

Embrace the Differences

It’s easy to mistake inexperience for an inability to contribute, but this is a huge mistake. Technicians from all walks of life have something valuable and unique to contribute, and your Gen Z technicians are no different. The best thing you can do for the future of your service team is to foster relationships across all team members, regardless of background, age, or experience level. Create a culture where everyone feels comfortable to teach and learn from one another, irrespective of what label comes with the period in which they were born.

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